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6–Steps to Income

(changing your expenses to an ever increasing passive income)

1. Pick a product that can take the place of one you use now

2. Become an affiliate for that product

3. Become an Associate (member of Axey Association)

4. We get you recruits and customers

5. Enjoy your product while you wait for the income

6. Pick another product and repeat
How to join the Axey Association and use our service.

    Please read this before you go to Axey Association Exchange and become a new Candidate to join the Axey Association. More videos are available at in the menu bar above.

Step 1. Pick the product from the Axey Exchange.
    To become an Axey Associate you must be a seller of at least one product in the Exchange. By the time you are a Grand Associate (1000 customers in your downline) you must be purchasing at least five (5) other products in the Exchange.

    When you go to the Axey Exchange, click on a category to see what products are available. If you don't find a product in that category, click on "Back to Categories" and pick another category. Keep doing that until you find a product you might like. When you click the product image you will go to a page with this diagram:
    Sounds simple but there are many choices. Moreover, the technique we use to track your visits makes the process awkward. We suggest the following for browsing a number of products:

    •  Pick a product and see how the process works.

    •  Return to the Exchange from the Option Page or wherever you end up.

    •  Select a category, find another product. Click on the image.

    •  Fill in box as a Returning Candidate (if necessary).

    •  On the page where you have a choice, pick "Visit Axey Exchange."

    •  Select category, find another product. Click on the image.

    •  Do this for every product of interest.

    •  Go open the emails and use the "Visit Product Site" link.

    When you use the links in the emails to go back to the Exchange or join the Association, the boxes will be pre-filled and all you have to do is click "SUBMIT."

    Make sure you like the product you pick because you are going to have to buy (and use) enough to get on autoship. We recommend MLM Recruit On Demand P2 as it is one that benefits everyone, has free conversions, provides free leads for life and only costs $15 to join.

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Step 2. Become an affiliate for the product you pick.
    You are on your own here. As soon as you go to the product site, what you do is between you and them. We have no control over your relation to the product. But don't be concerned about getting recruits and customers. That is why you join the Association.

    Your concern should be making sure your sponsor is in our system. If you sign up for a product using a Site you found on Google (or any search engine), it isn’t in our system and you won’t be able to use our service. But, you will be an affiliate. Moreover, you won’t be able to quit and join with one in our system. If your sponsor is not a member of the Association, you cannot use our system.

    The problem is your sponsor will not be an Associate. Most products will not allow you to change sponsors. In other words, you can’t quit and then join again with someone in the Association.

    The only way is to use the link in the email we sent you after you visited the product.

Step 3. Become an Associate of the Axey Association.
    First, read the Terms & Conditions (In Menu Bar). You will be subject to them.

    Next, with your new affiliate URL in hand (or on your clipboard), click the "JOIN" link in the email you received after visiting the product.

    Once you get there, follow the instructions and fill out the forms as required.

Becoming an Associate is accomplished after you have done the following:
        1. Read Associate Terms & Conditions ( Particularly B.5 (1) Commission               Eligibility)

        2. Sign up for a product from Axey Exchange and complete affiliate                requirements

        3. Sign up as an Associate at Axey Association using the email link.

        4. Activate your affiliate URL in your back office if you are Variable Price              Promotion.

        5. Recieved enough conversions to get a Personal Associate for your                   product.

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Step 4. We get you recruits and customers
    After you sign up and become an Axey Associate under Post Paid Promotion your conversions will be ordered for you. If you are using the Variable Price Promotion option, you order conversions for your recruits. If your back office "Purchase Conversions" only has Pre–Paid Conversions, you are among those we have deemed "Fiscally Fit". You may use the service but you do not have access to the options for the financially challenged Associates.

    In your Axey Back Office, after you login, on the Home Page, you select "Conversions" then "Purchase." If your back office "Purchase Conversions" only has Pre–Paid Conversions, you do not have access to the options for the financially challenged Associates.

    Select the conversion by how you want to pay. Then make sure the product name is in the box at the bottom.

    You can pay for the conversion before you order it (if you are doing Variable Price Promotion), after it is delivered, or when you have the commission income to pay for it. The choice is yours.

Step 5. Enjoy your product while you wait for the income..
    Now you’re done.

    But, what have you done?

    You have gotten the ball rolling. If you aren’t in a big hurry, all you have to do now is wait & watch.

   So, what happens when the ball starts rolling? Do you think the fellow who is your new Associate is going to be without an Associate for long?

    Not if we can help it. And, they certainly won’t be if you talk to a few people. And, what about the next one? Are we going to stop there?

    Between our ads and your referrals they will keep coming and converting as long as there is a Site here for them to click on. That’s what we mean when we say, "You’re done."

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Step 6. Picking another product
    If you get tired of waiting you can always go see if there is another product you like. If so, don’t forget to order another conversion for recruits and customers if you are doing Variable Price Promotion.

    You don’t need to recruit people to become Associates. The Association is set up to do that for you. You only need to get people interested enough to take a look. The "people" are those who need an income.

Need more info? See Associate Program Description

Remember, all the training provided by the MLM product

is for one purpose and one purpose only.


If you can buy conversions, why do you need training?

Results are what count. If you get recruits and customers,

it doesn’t matter if you are trained.

Nor does it matter if those you recruit are trained.

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IBR – the Independent Business Representative
    Nearly all of the products in the Axey Exchange require you to be an independent contractor. This is to insure the regulatory agencies do not see you as an employee. It also makes you responsible for your taxes.

     Many states have taxes on businesses and require a license in order to do business in the state. Many also have income taxes. Unlike employees, the IBR does not have withholding.

    You must take measures to see that you have enough to pay your taxes when the time comes. We only mention this because being in the Association is not like having a business.

    Although you are involved with buying and selling, it doesn’t seem like it because you don’t have to do the marketing that is usually part of being in a business. The fact remains your state will see you as a business and take you to task if you fail to present yourself as one.

    It is possible to become an Associate using a free or low cost product. However, you only have one opportunity to become an Associate and generate an Associate downline.

     If you use a free or low cost product, you will probably not make that much from your affiliate income and your Associate income may just pay your member fees.

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