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What is an MLM Product Exchange and how does it work?
    A product exchange is like a safelist, "You read mine, I read yours." Whereas in the product exchange it is, "You buy mine, I buy yours". You show your willingness to participate by purchasing a product or service as a prerequisite for joining the Association.

Why don’t I have to recruit?
    We have set up the system to make the next purchaser a recruit. The products are purchased because you want to sell them (affiliate) or because you want to buy them (autoship customer). The new customer is a potential recruit. The Associate customer is an autoship customer.

What kind of products are in the Axey Exchange?
    We lean toward products that "sell themselves" so to speak. If training is required to market the product, you won’t find many here. Generally, we avoid products that have programs that require giving an excessive amount of attention to the downline. The more mentoring that is required the more it is a marketing product as opposed to a consumer product. We favor products like Jerky Direct or Xocai Chocolate where you can get on autoship like a customer and not have to pay that much attention to your downline. Examples of programs that don’t fit our profile are Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, et cetera.

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Why use MLM products from Axey Exchange?
    Many of the products in the Axey Exchange can be obtained in your local area for less. Of course, some may not be the same quality. Even so, why pay more?

    The reason you pay more is income. When consumers purchase locally, they don’t get an income. When a consumer chooses "Promotion thru Purchasing" at the Axey Exchange they are either providing someone with an income or getting one themselves.

    Sure, a person can try marketing an MLM product to get an income but the failure rate is 97%. The only way you can fail with the Axey Association is to pick a product that doesn’t sell. Even then, you only have to drop it and get one that does sell.

    The door that is opened with the Axey Association is one where a person can make money on a product that is either given away or disposed of instead of being used. The way our program is set up is like a collection of cash generators (look at the ones in the Exchange). A cash generator doesn’t have a product. It only works while it grows. When people stop signing up, it collapses. That won’t happen with a product in the Axey Exchange. It will always generate an income whether it grows or not. The point is if you decide not to use the product, you can discard it or give it away and you will still make money. Try that with WalMart.

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Can I use the Axey Prospector for a product in Axey Exchange that I joined some place else?
    No. The Axey Prospector uses the Affiliate URL as an identifier. Your Affiliate URL has to be on our list before you can access the Prospector. The only way you can get your Affiliate URL on the list is to join through one of our MLM products. If you have already joined an MLM product and try to quit so you can join with Axey you will find most companies will not allow you to change sponsors.

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What is Chain Marketing and how does it work?
    We purport the basic flaw in MLM ( sometimes referred to as network marketing) is the assumption the product is so good people will pay more and be enthusiastic about it in so far as they will get others to try it and buy it.

    Most people are simply looking for a way to make a buck. The quality of the product is only of consequence when it comes to competitors for the market i.e. when you go to sell the customer on how much better your product is. The problem is most people aren’t salesmen. But they are consumers.

    Ergo we shifted the emphasis from promotion to consumption by making the entire process auto–promotive. In other words, by your very consumption of our product you are promoting it.

    Next, we down–played the promotion of any product in particular, to the promotion of a good deal in general. This allows the marketer to pre–sell a prospect by directing them to a "place" where there is a product and an opportunity that they can discover for themselves and decide which one they like.

    By everyone directing traffic to a single place there is a greater chance of a conversion for one of us. We have multiple products and opportunities in one place so it is more likely the prospect will get one. It is a variation of the one for all, all for one idea.

    Finally, we have structured the process so the most likely person to get a conversion is the newbie. Since this is the most critical status, it is important they have tangible success. It also reduces the need for training effort on the oldies. Rather than teach and sell the oldies pre–sell instead.

     And, one more thing, we patterned the association after an MLM structure so as to provide an additional income stream (very handy for those who only want one product). The members of the Association are the only ones who make purchases. They are purchasing advertising and prospecting which result in product sales and recruitment. In other words, they are paying their upline and getting a downline instead of paying a third party to accomplish the same. The beauty of it is you will be upline sooner than later.

    The end result is an almost instant viability for any given product that is usable or desirable to the consumer.

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What are "Chains"?
    In order to allow more newbies to be able to get a conversion, we designed the Axey Prospector in such a way as to create a new chain given certain conditions and to allow a new chain to be created on a random basis given certain conditions. For every chain there can be a newbie waiting for a conversion. The numbers of chains on a given product are indicators of popularity or marketability.

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Why do we charge $50 (and more) for a conversion?
    You will find with most any MLM program where the product sells for around $50 and has any kind of decent compensation plan, you will make 10 to 30% of the gross sales of your organization.

    If you have a means of promotion that averages a cost of $300 per conversion and every fourth one becomes a distributor, you will have about a dozen affiliates in your downline and about 50 personal autoship customers at the end of a year. This can be done with an initial $5000 line of credit and reinvesting all proceeds from the business. Should your affiliates do what you have done you will have nearly 70 affiliates and 300 autoship customers in your organization at the end of a year. This results in an income on the order of $4000 per month at the beginning of the second year. Of course, you have netted very little during the first year but your income at the end of the fifth year could be over $50,000 per month.

    Using our prospecting program you only need to purchase one MLM product and have one person to become an affiliate and join the Association. For all practical purposes you are done at a cost of around $1000 (which will be reimbursed by commissions). You don’t need to worry about spending $300 or more every week to get a conversion because the Axey Prospecting program puts the newest Associates in your organization where they can get a conversion. The only factor of concern is the amount of traffic.

    It is possible to get a conversion every other day. Because we are focused on affiliates and Associates, nearly all conversions will result in the customer becoming an Associate if they aren’t one already. You could easily have a chain of Associates 50 deep at the end of a year. What it is worth is very difficult to project. Every Associate could be an affiliate in as few as one or as many as 5 Associate products. As an Associate you could easily have 6 downlines.

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    Regardless of how you look at it, the Associate only has to spend his money on MLM products and conversions. The outcome of his expenditures is almost completely determined by the market and what his fellow Associates do. As for the Associates in his downline, as their numbers increase so does the income from his involvement with the Association. Regardless of which MLM product is chosen, an Associate will always have a second income stream from his participation in the Association.

    A marketing savy individual can take any given single MLM product and get an income over $4000 a month in a year’s time with $5000 and a good marketing plan to start with. An Axey Associate using the same product can do it sooner and have all initial expenses reimbursed. The real question is why we charge only $50 for a conversion. The more we think about it the more we wonder. So, don’t ask that question.

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What about customers who aren’t Associates?
    As a general rule, people very seldom buy an MLM product without becoming an affiliate because most people see them as overpriced even if they are worth having. Consequently, they are easily convinced to attempt to sell them in order to get them (eventually) for a more reasonable price and eventually (eternity) make a reasonable income. Although they are signed up as an affiliate they are more an autoship customer.

    You have to be aware that our service is not that good at generating non–associate business. You will get an occasional customer who buys one or who goes on autoship but we don’t make any attempt to attract them. When you are fishing for trout you don’t mind catching an occasional chub but you aren’t going to go out of your way to get more. That is how we feel about regular customers. However, they could be affiliates in the rough and after a while may actually become an affiliate. So, we don’t turn them away.

    Think of the various MLM products in the Axey Exchange as combination store/recruiting centers where you are able to select which one and how many are selling/recruiting for you.

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How do I use the Axey Associate program?
    The object of network marketing is to sell the product by leveraging your effort. It is a nice way to say, "Get your downline to sell it." If you are going to leverage your effort you need a downline. That is what the Axey Association is here for. There are a lot of possibilities and, consequently, a lot of choices. If you are new, it is just as well for you to find a product you like and deal with the type of affiliate matrix their program uses. Keep in mind, that left alone, our program builds your downline deep as it keeps adding an affiliate to the next level down like a chain. What this means is there is always someone in your downline on the Conversion Link.

    You need to know what you want to do before you set up to go do it in most anything. Downline building is no exception.

            •The single most determining factor is the amount of money
               available for marketing
            •The next is the amount of time you have available for marketing.

    And, of course, the two contend with one another when you have lots of time and no money or enough money but no time. These factors are not as critical with chain marketing but they must be taken into account at some point.

    Traffic is the key to all internet marketing. We promote the Axey Family of Sites by offering a good deal to all who use it. We get new customers from media advertising and referral advertising. But it is our old customers the make the difference. They are the Associates. The best customer is the one with money to spend. An established Associate is probably your best prospective customer. They have the money and they know where to get a good deal.

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    Ask yourself, as an Associate, when you look at an MLM product as a consumer and consider purchasing it, do I just want to use it or do I want to market it? If you are going to use it to the amount that you qualify as an affiliate, you may as well market it. This is particularly so with the Axey Exchange as other Associates are considering the same thing. The sooner you start marketing an MLM product, the more likely one of your fellow Associates will be your customer (and/or your affiliate). Being able to market to a group that can afford the product and is not encumbered by the prospect of promoting is a whole other world. The conversion rate is extremely high.

    It would seem the thing to do is get on as many MLM products as you can the day you become an Associate. But it isn’t necessary and it’s hardly practical. If you could afford to do it, you wouldn’t be reading this. Besides, you only need to have three Associate products in order to build a respectable downline of affiliate/Associates in a relatively short time.

    New customers are your sole source of Associates but you can get affiliates from your Associates. Your referrals and our media advertising are the source of new customers. Your Associates are your source of autoship customers.

    On the one hand, you only need to get one Associate in any given MLM product. Sure, you could get more personal affiliates to increase the width and the speed your downline grows but it isn’t necessary to do it in order to keep your downline growing. Our program is designed to keep members of your downline on the lists at the Conversion Link. All you need to do is get one affiliate/associate in any given program and let the Associate Prospector take care of the rest.

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    There are a fixed (but slowly growing) number of MLM products in the Axey Exchange and there are only so many you can or want to use. Once you have determined how many products you are going to be involved with you can plan on how fast you are going to get your downlines going in them.

    If you finances are limited, it serves no purpose to try to get on a multitude of products. You are better off to pick a product that has a high growth potential and a low number of Associates enrolled.

    The number of personal affiliates determines the rate of growth of the downline of any given product. But, you only need one personal affiliate for any given product.

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Why do only one product?
    A single Associate product is a true income opp, that’s why. Compare it to putting $300 in the bank and then depositing $50 every month.

    Let’s say you do Xocai Chocolate. You are going to get the chocolate treat you like the most every month and watch your Associate downline grow at the rate of 1 or more per month. It is hard to say how fast your affiliate downline will grow because of the random nature of the Axey Prospector. Chances are it will be at least twice as fast as your Associate downline. You could have some where around 50 Associate, 100 affiliates and over 200 autoships at the end of a year. The income for the twelfth month would be around $2000.

    If you put your money in the bank instead you would have around $1000 total at the end of the year. Your income from one product for a year would be something on the order of $13,000. Where else can you get such a deal for eating chocolate? If you decide to make it more of an income opp and get another product it is hard to say how much more you would make. Call it a business if you want but how much work is involved in sharing your chocolate?

    About the only other thing that comes close is a HYI fund but you don’t get any chocolate.

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Why don’t we hammer Candidates with emails?
    We figure no one exercising their God given logic, reason and common sense will need continual harassment to become an Associate. If they are unable to see the value in what we offer, they need far more help than we can give. Moreover, we don’t want someone joining who has to be talked in to it.

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Why is it not a good idea to promote my products?
    The idea is to promote the whole thing in order to increase traffic to all the Axey Sites. You know, "one for all and all for one ". If you promote only your affiliate URL you must market your product as if you weren’t a member of the Association and you pay accordingly in both time and money.

    You can purchase more conversions but that is already ongoing. If you purchase more, you will get to the income you desire faster.

    If you compare using the Prospector to promoting it yourself, you will find you get more bang for your buck by using the Prospector.

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Why do we require you to pay monthly fees?
Reality and equity.
    The reality is we have to advertise to do business. It is only equitable that you push the wagon after you ride it. The advertising was done for you when you needed it. You need to make sure others will be able to ride. This is a cooperative, you ride when you can and push when you have to.

    Consider Coca Cola. When you pay $1 for a can of Coke, 50 cents will go to getting you to buy the next one. The can costs more than the contents to make and the label as much as the can and the contents. If Coke pays 50% of what they make for advertising, don’t you think less than 10% is a fair amount for you to pay?

    It may seem like a lot to pay over $6000 in fees every month. However, you need to remember that the income you would have at that Level would be around $50,000 per month. You are getting that income because of the advertising Axey provided from the start of your membership and you will continue to get it because of the ongoing efforts of Axey. Because of the commissions on your downline’s fees, you may get more than twice what you pay in fees.

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  My Username is deleted, I signed up for a product but waited too long to join, what now?
    Click the JOIN LINK in the email you received when you first visited the product. That will take you to the JOIN page. Fill it out like you are going to join. It will give you an error message that you Username is deleted. When you close the error message window it sends you to the New Candidate page. Fill out the Username and email that you used before. It will send you a new email and go to the notice of email sent "option" page. Go to the new email and click the JOIN LINK. You will be sent to the JOIN application page.

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  What is the "Fiscally Fit" program?
    We believe in not hammering people to join the Association. If we contact a person and they do not join the Association, we can only conclude they do not need the income. As a consequence, should they ever apply for membership we do not offer the Post Paid Promotion or even the option to purchase different conversions. They must pre–pay for all conversions.

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