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Health & Weight Management as an Axey Associate

   Now that you have tried nearly everything else, it’s time to get down to basics. If you are looking for more incentive to loose weight, this is for you.

   If you just want to maintain your health, this is also for you. But, if you want to do either or both and make money in the process, this is really for you.
   We have assembled the basic information for eating and weight loss and put it in Nutrition & Health for Every Body or the "Guide" as we call it, so the information could be used by itself or to supplement nearly any other weight loss plan or program (GET YOURS HERE ).

   The Guide lays out the general guidelines for eating in order to maintain your health and weight. If you are looking to loose weight it addresses the long run so you can use another plan to address a specific weight loss circumstance and then use the Guide when that plan is no longer applicable to your circumstance.

   Numerous plans are available. As a for instance, we were impressed with the Fat Loss Factor you may have already seen because it is one of the better single sources for how to accomplish weight loss that we have seen yet. Many of us at Axey have been using some of the indications before having seen the "Factor". We know they work. The hard part is getting yourself to do it.
   Here are some others that may be what you are looking for:

The Axey Health & Weight Management Plan
  1. Get informed so that you know how, what and when to eat,
  2. That means you do some research and get a plan that suits your circumstance and then get a copy of the Guide or just use the Guide.
  3. Apply what you learn in the Plan you find and the Guide to the Axey Health & Weight Management Plan as an Axey Associate.
  4. Select the affiliate products you can use to follow your plan from the Axey Exchange.
  5. Enroll in an affiliate program and become an Axey Associate.
  6. Purchase your conversions to get recruits and customers.
  7. Implement the weight loss plan you chose.
  8. Use your affiliate products and promote the Axey Exchange in a manner that suits you.
  9. Make enough money from your affiliate programs to pay for your nutritional needs.
Eating Right is Challenging
   Many people who have decided to eat right find out just how difficult it can be to find good food. The same is true for the herbal products for detox and cleansing. The Axey Exchange has a number of high quality nutritional products available. They are there because we recognized their value long before the advent of weight loss plans like the Fat Loss Factor.

   We decided we needed to offer our own plan and make it all the more worthwhile by not only using what others have made available but by adding our own findings (the Guide) and making it financially worthwhile.

   Is it free? Yes and no. We don’t charge anything to join the Axey Association but we do have fees that start when you are making enough to afford it.

   After you read the Guide you will have more ideas on how to put our plan to practice.

   Following the Axey Associate Health & Weight Management Plan means using one or more of the affiliate products identified below in your effort to reach your goal. Of course, you may use as many other affiliate products in the Exchange, if you desire.

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Tough Cookies
   Most people find affiliate programs too much to chew. Even if they like the product they find the promoting more than they can handle. That’s where Axey Association comes in. We advertise your program for you so you don’t have to promote if you don’t want to.

   We designed our Association to help you start and maintain one or more affiliate programs without the usual expense of time and money. Our idea is the less there is for you to do with Axey, the more you can do with the other things. This is the advantage you get using the Axey Association that is available no where else.

   So, just what are the products? The following are applicable to the Axey Associate Health & Weight Management Plan from what we are adding or are currently available:
  1. AdvanX3 — Chewing gum to suppress appetite
  2. Chews–4–Health — Chewable tablets to suppress appetite
  3. Forever Green — a line of products for weight loss
  4. Garden Fresh Co op — Organic Super Powders for weight loss
  5. Green Organics — a line of products for weight loss
  6. The Whole Wellness Club — De–Tox tea for weight loss
  7. Tru Chocolate — Chocolate for those losing weight
  8. Whole Food Farmacy — Whole food snacks
  9. Xooma — Alkalized water
   Chewing gum can help curb your appetite for a little while but when you add the Hoodia and green tea to the mix you have a way to go hungry longer.

   If you are going to use only one nutritional supplement, Asea should be the only one on your list. This is the only product in the world with Redox Signaling molecules. They are absolutely essential for life but your body produces fewer and fewer from the age of 12 on.

   Here you have a line of chewable tablets to give you more energy, loose weight, sleep better and supplement your diet.

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   Forever Green
   Weight loss is but one of the numerous products available from Forever Green. Hemp products, Versativa, are among them.

   Garden Fresh Co op
   Organic whole foods are one of the best ways to control weight and stay healthy. Get them delivered to your door fresh every week.

   Green Organics
   Slim Extreme is one of five weight loss products in the Green Organics product line. A natural, wild crafted and organic nutrient dense supplement that helps to provide you with control over unhealthy cravings and gives you smooth long-lasting energy without the jittery feelings typical of most weight loss formulas.

   The Whole Wellness Club
   The Whole Wellness Club is program you may want to do either before or after. One of their products is Veloci Tea, a blended tea that includes Holy Thistle and Milk Thistle among others. The name doesn’t come from the thistle. Rather, it was the idea behind the tea. Dr. Miller saw that when it came to the colon, “Cleanliness was next to Godliness“ hence, the tea he developed was called “Holy“. The Whole Wellness Club is almost tailor made for most any weight loss plan. The Club motto is “Sharing is caring…Pass it on.” If you follow the program, you will give away six times as much tea as you use. When you buy enough to share, you qualify for matching bonuses. By the time you have 100 people down line, you will be making $500 a month from the Club and only paying $80 a month for the “sharing tea”.

   Tru Chocolate
   Tru Chocolate was developed for those suffering from diabetes and obesity. But they didn’t stop at using only organic ingredients. They have added ingredients that almost make it a super-food. If you like chocolate and don’t want to go without it forever, this is the answer.

   Whole Food Farmacy
   The Whole Food Farmacy is a great source of healthful food and snacks. By being a member of the Axey Association, you promote it and the others. Eventually, the Axey Associate makes more than enough to pay for all of their food from both here and where ever else they might buy it.
   Notice, you are not promoting the Whole Food Farmacy or any of the other products in the Exchange. As an Axey Associate, you are only obligated to promote the Axey Exchange. The obligation isn’t to us, it’s to you. You owe it to yourself to promote a way for people to save money, get good food and make money.

   They have a way to give water a pH of 9 which they will tell you (and how) is very beneficial for minimizing acidity. If you are going to drink water, this is the way to do it. They also have a broad range of nutritional supplements at prices that could use double rebates. But, if you have gotten this far you have the money to get the goods.

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   We encourage you use as many as possible because each is a contribution to your goal of health and weight management.

   We all want to get healthy, trim and fit. But that takes a certain amount of money because good food is not cheap. Just look at the Whole Food Farmacy web site and check out the prices. You cannot help but agree when you see their coffee retails for $40 a pound. But, it’s one of the best.

   You will notice that nearly every one of these products is deficient in one way or another if you are to rigorously follow the Guide for losing weight. This cannot be helped. As much as we strive for the ideal it is the real we must deal with. If you can maintain the Hardcore Level described in the Guide, you have our admiration and, you have the results. If that is enough for you and you would rather not have anything to do with any kind of promoting or use of these products, just buy a copy of the Guide and enjoy your results.

   However, if you support the Whole Food Farmacy and other healthful products they will grow and cause others to follow in their steps so that you may eventually have a local source for quality whole food snacks.

   The Axey Associate Health & Weight Management Plan was not conceived with the idea of making mega-bucks. We don’t recommend promoting anything if you are only interested in maintaining your health and weight. The idea is to take advantage of the available products, get them for less than you could if you found them yourself and make enough money to eat right and eat well.

   After you read the Guide, Nutrition & Health for Every Body, you will see how difficult it is to acquire and consume what is the most nutritional for your health and weight. The affiliate programs we offer do not provide the necessary foodstuffs to be a "hardcore" follower of the Guide.
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   The object of the Guide is for your information, in so far as knowing; what are the best sources of nutrition. That you would do it or be able to do it is another story. We figure that most people cannot or will not go to the extremes possible unless they are very unhealthy or want to loose weight and keep it off.

Just Do It
   You now have many choices. You can use the products in any manner you see fit (now that you know about them) and pay for them as a customer. Or, you could promote any one of the products on your own and make enough to buy the rest. Or, you could become an Axey Associate for any one and promote the Axey Association to make enough to buy the rest. Or, you could become an Axey Associate for any three and promote the Axey Association and make enough to buy most anything you want.

   There are very few promoting or mentoring requirements for being an Axey Associate. You don’t have to attend rah-rah meetings or tele-conferences nor do you have to indoctrinate the new recruit.


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