Axey Association


     Principal Associate
of the Axey Association
On Being the Principal Associate for your product or service.

    Particulars of being a Principal Associate
          •  You must be an affiliate for a product being added to the Axey Exchange.
          •  There is only one Principal Associate per product.
          •  The system adds to your first level and to the first level of those below them.
          •  Our system will not get conversions for anyone else in your current downline,               upline or for any other affiliate promoting your product and not in your               downline after you become a Principal Associate.

    The Association provides primary and secondary conversions for your product. The conversion may result in an affiliate sign up or an autoship purchase. The price the Associate pays for the conversion is based on when it is paid:
                     Pre-Paid Conversion                       $40
                     Paid-on-Delivery Conversion           $50
                     Post-Paid Conversion                      $75
                     Post-Paid Promotion Conversion      $100

    Currently, everyone is required to sign up as a participant in Post–Paid Promotion. At some point, Candidates will have the option to pay for conversions as they choose. At that time all Principal Associates will be required to pre–pay for conversions.

    An affilate sign up on the first level is considered a Primary Conversion and an autoship purchase is considered a Secondary Conversion. All conversions generated for your downline Associates are Secondary Conversions to you. Everyone only pays for primary conversions individually. Secondary conversions are paid for by fees based on amount delivered.

   Obligations of a Principal Associate
     You are required to advertise as prescribed in the LaidBack Promotion Plan for Principal Associates and any other means you choose that requires the prospect to become an Axey Associate in order to sign up for your product.

     The Post Paid Promotion Plan is intended for Associates who want to use their Associate commissions to pay for conversions. Principal Associates are normally required to pre–pay for conversions. Technical difficulty with the payment button code prevents us from offering the usual payment options. Principal Associates are required to settle their account at the end of the month. When the payment functions are reinstated you will be required to pre-pay for your conversions.

     The regular Associate may be an affiliate for as many products permited by their Autoship Ratio. As such, every sign–up to one of their products increases the numberof sub–Associates. That, in turn, increases their Associate commissions as they get a commission on every conversion purchase by someone in their Associate downline.

     The Principal Associate candidate must choose between receiving commissions on your Associate downline sign–ups or having access to other products in the Association (everyone pays fees based on services rendered). See the program description at Axey Association. If you choose to receive Associate commissions, you can only be an affiliate of two products, Mlm Recruit On Demand and ThoseAds as they are what you use in the LaidBack Promotion Plan.

     You only have to order one time to start and continue the service. However, you must pre-pay for all conversions at the Pre-Paid price. In any event, you must keep current on your payments in order to maintain the service. Once begun, the flow of conversions will not stop unless the system fails for reasons beyond our control.

     Associate commissions start high and the fees start low so the new Associate may have the recruiting expenses paid off sooner than later. The commissions are about equal to the fees when there are between 1000 and 2000 downline Associates. After that the fees increase faster than the commissions so the Associate is paying more when they can afford it.

     The Principal Associate agreement is above and beyond our affilation with the product and/or your a sponsor. Neither party will gain by terminating the agreement and neither will feel the full brunt of breaking this agreement. Rather, it is those who have been added to your downline by virtue of the agreement who will suffer the most. Please give your decision to participate your full consideration.

Principal Associate Sponsor
     Every Principal Associate has a sponsor that is outside the Association. It is possible for the sponsor to become the Principal Associate given the current Principal is willing to forgo the position. In the event a position is open and you are ready to assume the obligations of a Principal Associate, there is a one-time fee of $297 for doing the switch and a minimum payment of $1000 per chain to the current Principal. Notify Admin of your intent to become a Principal Associate.

Step 1. Download and read the LaidBack Promotion Plan for Principal Associates.

Step 2. Pay the application fee. This demonstrates your commitment and that you understand magnitude of the opportunity.

Step 3. Notify Admin of your intent to become a Principal Associate by submitting your affiliate URL and indicate whether you want to get commissions or access to the Exchange. Include your PayPal email so your application fee can be refunded if you are not the first.

Step 4. Join the Association using Mlm Recruit On Demand. You will not receive commissions should you join any other SUB or ASP product other than ThoseAds (you may join ARP products with free conversions and still get Associate commissions).

Step 5. Set up the account with Dwolla for receiving commissions and paying the recurring fees ($30 Membership and telemarketer fee).

Step 6. Sign up for ThoseAds (in the ADVERTISING category)

Step 7. Report your ThoseAds Affiliate Signup in the ACTIVITY REPORTER.

Step 8. Set up the recurring telemarketer fee with Dwolla within 30 days of acceptance.


NOTICE: This page may be veiwed by several affiliates of a particular product or service. In the event of receiving more than one deposit, the first one to submit the deposit will have first option to be the Principal Associate of their product (your deposit will be refunded if you are not the accepted).